Yard Cleanup

Our Process Yard Clean-Up

Embarking on a journey with Seattle Sustainable Landscapes for your yard clean-up project promises a seamless and rejuvenating experience. Our comprehensive process is designed to revitalize your outdoor space while ensuring your needs and budget are met with precision.

Example of an English Garden

1. The Initial Reach-Out

Our ongoing yard care process begins with an initial dialogue, often conducted through emails or a brief phone call. This first step helps us confirm alignment on both sides before working to schedule an in person conversation, particularly on location and general expectations. If needed, we may recommend a friendly competitor that we think would be a better fit.

2. The Initial Consultation

We prefer to schedule an in-person conversation at the property site so we can see your space and take photos and notes for reference. This stage allows us to delve into the specific needs of your outdoor spaces and your expectations, gaining insights that will inform our ongoing care plan.

3. Estimate and Review

We craft detailed estimates outlining several options for ongoing care. These options are generally three tiered, so you can choose the cost to care ratio that works best for you. Based on our conversation in the initial consultation, we will recommend the tier we think best align with your needs.

4. Agreement

Once you’ve asked any follow up questions and confirmed the tier you’d like to select, we proceed to formalize the commitment with a simple contract outlining the terms of service (SOW)..

5. Milestone Payments

Depending on the scope of the clean up, the three most common schedules are:

  • 50% deposit – 50% upon completion
  • 100% upon deposit
  • 100% upon completion

6. Project Scheduling

With the commitment solidified, we provide an estimated start date for your yard clean-up project. This timing is subject to change based on the scheduling of other projects by Seattle Sustainable Landscapes.

7. Updated Project Scheduling

Depending on the progress of ongoing projects, your project schedule may be adjusted, either moving forward or backward to accommodate the dynamic nature of our workflow.

8. Project Kickoff

Seattle Sustainable Landscape leadership meets with the project crew at the job site to review the scope of work during the project kickoff. While client presence is welcomed, it is not mandatory for this initial meeting.

9. Unplanned Change Orders

Yard clean-up projects may bring unexpected surprises, especially when dealing with significantly overgrown areas. In such cases, we communicate promptly, providing options to adjust the project scope and duration as needed.

10. Project Review

We often conduct a final review for yard clean-up projects to ensure all aspects meet our high standards. However, for smaller clean-ups where clients are satisfied, an in-person review may not be necessary, we try to provide flexibility to accommodate your preferences.

creating a stress-free and transparent experience

At Seattle Sustainable Landscapes, our yard clean-up process is not just about revitalizing outdoor spaces; it’s about creating a stress-free and transparent experience that leaves your yard looking rejuvenated and your expectations exceeded. Join us in transforming your outdoor oasis into a haven of beauty and serenity.

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