Making A Payment

Our Process for Making a Payment

For any service provider whether it is eCommerce or landscaping it is common to wonder how the payment process works and it is an important factor if you want to do business with them or not. We try to make that process easy on our clients. The payment process does vary depending on a couple of factors. Namely, Is the service ongoing or one time? And how large is the payment?

Bank Wire

A bank wire may sound intimidating, but functionally this is a digital check. It is the same information that would be on a physical check, the only difference is that it is submitted digitally instead of physically

Credit Card

Available for invoices under $2500 or for a 3% fee


Available for invoices under $2500 or for a 2% fee


Available for invoices under $2500 or for a 2% fee


Our two most preferred method of Payments
Bank Wire
Credit Card

What payment online gateway do we use?

QuickBooks online. If you want to pay online the portal that we use is QuickBooks online. They provide exceptional security and convenience. We do accept offline payments via check.

Do you have automatic payment options?

We do have AutoPay for recurring invoices. This is something that the client must opt into. For ongoing yard care services we use recurring invoices, those recurring invoices have a box that can be checked to enroll in AutoPay for the client.

What is the process for making a deposit?

A deposit will be paid as a portion of the overall invoice. Once the invoice is sent the client can click the link it will bring them to a screen that looks like this below. You will notice that next to the payment amount there is a clickable button that says Edit amount. If you click that you can edit the amount to appropriate deposit amount. 

For large invoices we start with having credit cards, venmo and paypal turned off, we can add them back in with fees that match what they charge us. 

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