Ongoing Yard Care

Our Process for Ongoing Yard Care and Maintenance

Our approach to ongoing yard care is tailored to create lush, healthy landscapes that not only meet your needs, but also reflect our commitment to sustainable and mindful practices.

1. The Reach-Out

Our ongoing yard care process begins with an initial dialogue, via email or a brief phone call. This first step helps us confirm that location and general expectations align on both sides before working to schedule an in person conversation. We don’t want to take up either of our time if we think a friendly competitor would be a better fit!

2. Initial Consultation

We prefer to schedule an in-person meeting with you to walk through your property. This stage allows us to talk through your specific needs and expectations, while taking notes and photos that will also inform our ongoing care plan. We have done this meeting digitally before, but found that sometimes pictures and google maps images do not accurately reflect your space as it is today. An in person visit helps create an accurate estimate with no surprises.

3. Estimate and Review

We craft detailed estimates outlining several options for ongoing care. These options are generally three tiered, so that you can choose the cost to care ratio that works best for you. Based on our conversation in the initial consultation, we will recommend the tier we think best align with your needs.

Note: In some cases if your yard is overgrown, this may include an estimate for a one-time initial clean-up to get your space back to baseline before establishing the routine for ongoing care. Our maintenance packages are meant to do just that, maintain your space. If we are already far behind when we start, it can be hard to catch up.

4. Agreement

Once you’ve asked any follow up questions and confirmed the tier you’d like to select, we proceed to formalize the commitment with a simple contract outlining the terms of service (SOW). We will send it for a digital signature via Dropbox Sign, or you can ink and scan yourself.

5. Scheduling Services

With a signed agreement, we will then provide a start date for your ongoing yard care services. Our routes are built on biweekly (every two week) cycles to ensure that we can accommodate weekly or biweekly care to your property. These routes are optimized to limit drive time and wasted gas by pairing nearby neighborhoods. We are typically able to schedule your first service stop within 2 weeks.

6. Billing

We will send a digital invoice via email from our accounting software, Quickbooks. Since our maintenance packages are generally one consistent monthly price over a year, we will include an option to set up autopay for your ease. Invoices are sent on the 15th of the service month. If you set up automatic payments, you will get a confirmation email every month.

If you are unfamiliar with Quickbooks, it is an accounting software used by over 7.1M small businesses worldwide. It is owned by Intuit, a Fortune 500 publicly traded company that also owns Turbotax. Quickbooks is very similar to Paypal in function and security, but is specifically built for use by small to medium sized businesses rather than individuals. Rest assured that they use all the encryption and security safeguards necessary to protect your payment information.

7. Continuous Engagement

You will be assigned an account manager that you can reach out to with any one-time requests, or things you’d like done differently. We will pass these requests to your crew and make sure they remain in the route notes. Your account manager and our dedicated care team will remain available for ongoing reviews, new or upcoming project estimates (mulch, new planting, etc), or address any specific needs you have. We want to ensure that your yard care remains tailored to evolving requirements, and consistently meets the high standards set by SSL.

At Seattle Sustainable Landscapes, ongoing yard care is a commitment to fostering healthy, vibrant outdoor spaces that are easy to maintain for the long run. Join us in our mission to bring a sustainable touch to the yard care industry that reflects both our passion for environmental stewardship and client satisfaction.

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